I can't weld. I don't sing. I’m bad at data entry.

I'm qualified for nothing, except for making ads.


Odysseus Arms ACD
CURRENT | San Francisco, CA
Toggle, Self, BunGun Vineyards, New Biz
Using creativity to help modern brands find their footing.
Want in on that action? Let’s talk.

Freelance (A)CD
2020 - 2021 | Nothing HQ, Remote
Odysseus Arms, Ogilvy NY, The Wonderful Company, Deutsch, The Shipyard, Gigantic Fucking Solutions, Art Of Good

160over90 (née Endeavor) ACD
2019-2020 | Los Angeles, CA
T-Mobile, T-Mobile, T-Mobile. With a pinch of Audi, Marriott.
Creative lead on 160/90's 4th largest piece of business. Oversaw a creative team of 5, increased scope 10% YOY, helped move the account from execution to idea-first partner.

Freelance Senior Copywriter / ACD
2017-2019 | Anywhere I'm needed.
Disney, Grey, Decoded, Deutsch LA, Garage Team Mazda, Taco Bell, Johnson & Johnson

Supermoon Senior Copywriter
2016 - 2017 | Los Angeles, CA
GoFundMe, TripAdvisor, Honest Company, AutoGravity, Snap Kitchen, Custom Ink, New Biz

Deutsch LA Copywriter
2014-2016 | Los Angeles, CA
Pizza Hut, Avvo, Klusterflock, Taco Bell, New Biz

The Escape Pod Copywriter
2012-2014 | Chicago, IL
Lunchables, Claussen, Toys"R"Us, Babies"R"Us, Office Max, New Biz

Yahoo! Ad Buzz Advertising Corespondent
2012 | Park City, UT
Sundance Film Festival

The Escape Pod Intern
2011 | Chicago, IL
Office Max, Claussen, Triscuit


I went to Drake University. Graduated. Didn't really enjoy it.
Took a UCB sketch class. Learned some things. Enjoyed that a lot more.


2014 D&AD New Blood Pencil Nomination
2013 Focus Group Universally Hated
2012 ADDY Bronze
1996 Cannes Lion (Purchased on ebay)