Extracurricular activities include but are not limited to short films, bike riding, blogging,
educating, parodying, and staring off into space for an alarming amount of time.

McDonalds Signs: The Real Version

Uploaded less than 12 hours after the original aired. It was covered by pretty much everyone.

The blog about advertising I started in 2010 out of desperation.  I was unhappy with school,
unhappy with my work, really just generally unhappy. It’s helped keep me sane since.

Here’s some links to get you started.

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My university's ad program didn't have any portfolio development (as strange as that may sound).
So, during our senior year, a group of renegade ad students banded together to create The Book Club.
We focused on building portfolios without any class assignments.
The critiques were brutal but constructive.

100% of us came out of school with jobs in advertising.


Some friends and I made this for our school’s short film competition.
We came in first because, of course we did.
It taught me two great lessons: Work with a great team. Know your audience.